Azure bytes E1-06


The Azure Bytes Series is a concise and informative series that gives attendees a glimpse of the services and benefits that MicroWarehouse & Microsoft offer, some of which partners may not know about. Speakers include experts from both Microsoft & MicroWarehouse who will deliver 15 - 20 minute sessions every Tuesday and Thursday morning of March & April. Partners will then have the chance to ask them questions through Q & A. One registration will cover the whole series and if you miss a session, don't worry, partners will get access to recordings of all sessions, no matter when they register. Click below to register now.

Episode 1

Identify upsell and cross sell opportunities for MSPs


Episode 2

'Reach for the cloud' Azure workshops



Solutions Assessments: Rapid on-premises to Azure migrations


Thursday 11th April
9.30 - 9.45 GMT
Azure programmatic offering & Incentives:
  • Azure Credit Offer
  • Azure JumpStart24
  • Azure Rewards Scheme

Azure Credit Offer (ACO) is a Microsoft initiative providing financial support for customers migrating workloads to Azure. This session outlines eligibility, qualification criteria, prerequisites, and terms, and highlights ACO’s role in facilitating Azure adoption and compete scenarios.

Azure JumpStart 24 is a MicroWarehouse initiative designed to incentivise our CSP partners for adding net-new Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop deployments.  Partners can enjoy a one-time cashback payment per Azure subscriptions meeting the criteria.

Azure Rewards Scheme: Your Azure subscriptions could be earning you points to spend on a wide selection of gifts. Learn more about this new MicroWarehouse initiative.

Tuesday 16th April
9-30 - 9.45 GMT

CSU Azure Migration Factory


A new delivery model from Microsoft providing rehost migration of Infrastructure, Applications and Data workloads to Azure at no cost to either customers or resellers. No minimum or maximum requirements. No partner specialisation is required.

Thursday 18th April
9.30 - 9.45 GMT

CSP Motion Incentives: Azure Migrate & Modernise (AMM, Innovate)


Learn more about the 12-month Microsoft Azure CSP Customer-Add incentives.

These incentives are designed to incentivise resellers to target SMB customers that are new to Azure and/or with low monthly Azure consumption (less than $100 in monthly ACR). These Azure incentives are stackable – with up to 21% rebate earning potential per customer, and paid as 100% rebate into your bank account quarterly.


Tuesday 23rd April
9.30 - 9.45 GMT

CSP Motion Incentives: 

(1)    Azure CSP Customer Add Incentive

(2)    Azure AI Incentive


Microsoft has tripled their investment into the Azure Migrate and Modernise (AMM) program.  Substantial Azure incentives and partner payments are available for partners with an Advanced Specialisation to deliver Azure projects through the Azure Migrate and Modernise (AMM) program and/or the Azure Innovate program.

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Azure bytes E1-06

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